Laughing Girl Designs
CopyrightWelcome to Laughing Girl Designs!

Want a keepsake quilt that will be cherished for years?

A bespoke design that fits a theme?

The designs and materials provided by Laughing Girl Designs are unique. Wherever I have travelled in Europe and Canada I have never found anything quite like what I am doing. If you aspire to provide a lasting gift for someone special, this is the place.

The goal of Laughing Girl Designs is to provide something special for someone special. All quilts are made locally in Vancouver, British Columbia. All designs are created by the owner/designer Cathy Griffin.

Laughing Girl quilts are made from 100% cotton velvet, with either a polyester or cotton filling. They are completely washable and dryable. Place them into the dryer for a fluff up if you like.

My customers look for a bespoke or custom look as their gift. For many this will mean adding the name of the child onto the quilt. I work in English, Italian or any other language you wish. You can see a quilt for Talia in the galleries section of the website.
Quilt Design

All Laughing Girl quilts are custom designed. I begin with an idea, or the idea you give me, and create a keepsake that is meant to last for years. I will use colored threads made of 100% cotton in all my designs. I an also add buttons to enhance the design. See the Quilt Gallery for ideas and the colors currently in use.

Laughing Girl quilts come in a range of colors I currently have on hand and colors may vary depending on what I have available. I can send you a small sample of the color if you wish.

Due to the nature of the velvet, any folding will produces lines. These are only temporary in nature.

Any of the designs can be made into a variety of colors. Please ask.

Please note, I do make every effort is made to ensure that the colour of the piece matches your original requirement or the color you have selected from the screen. However, it must be understood
that the limitations and nature of computer equipment means that the
colour you see in this image cannot be relied upon totally to be an
exact match for the actual colour shade of the real article.

These limitation factors are dependent upon the camera, and how the equipment you are using to view the image has been calibrated - there is no substitute for seeing the article in real life. This image is simply a representation of the work in progress.

I have small samples to show customers for matching of colors. If this is something that is important to you I can mail you a small sample. Or if you have a color you want matched, send it to me. I will do my best to do so.

Embellishments are made with buttons sewn on with the intention they are never to be removed and indeed it would take some doing to do so.

Each quilt will vary in the amount of design effort and completion time. Therefore, prices for the quilts will vary. You can order a custom size for a crib, or a stroller, or you can purchase a quilt I currently have completed.

Let me give you an idea of my pricing structure.

The size of the quilts I currently make will easily cover a child in a stroller, pram, or even a buggy.. The size of the quilts I have on hand is 36 inches x 48 inches, or 92 cm x 122 cm unless otherwise stated. If you would like it bigger or smaller, this can be arranged.

The Quilt Gallery will show you some of Laughing Girl Designs current quilts. Prices begin at approximately $150 (Cdn).

The final prices quoted will includes all costs including S&H and even fancy packaging.
Refunds and exchanges.

All quilts once ordered are considered a final sale.
There are no refunds, only exchanges will be made.
Exchanges for a different color or size can be made within one calender month of purchase.

Only 1 exchange per customer per quilt.
Shipping and mailing back to Laughing Girl Designs will be the responsibility of the client.
Laughing Girl Designs will re-send the quilt to you at no extra cost.